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A fresh coat of paint or a thorough cleaning isn’t always enough to give your waterpark that “like-new” feel. Retrofitting your play structure with theming, new interactive elements or a new color palette can provide a new selling feature for the waterpark and a new marketing angle to promote!


  • “Like-new” attractions boost guest perception and guest experience
  • Increased seasons pass sales with pre-season promotions of new features
  • Reduced capital expenditure compared to a new-build

What are my options for retrofitting?

Play Structure Theming

One of the most cost-efficient ways to upgrade your existing play structure is by retrofitting it with custom theming elements. Theming stimulates the guest’s imagination and enhances the visual appeal of your waterpark, increasing repeat visits and providing a place for the family to explore together.

New Interactive Elements

Products are always improving and your guests deserve the latest gadgets in interactive water play as they explore and engage with their surroundings. You don’t need an entirely new play structure to upgrade the experience; update or add on new interactive elements to refresh your space.

Structure Additions

If your play structure is missing a big splash, you may want to consider the addition of a tipping bucket to top off your play area. Tipping buckets can be themed to add to the excitement of the splash!

Updated Color Palette

A fresh coat of paint can make a play structure look and feel like new! Upgrading your color palette to something more modern will refresh your play area and give your marketing team something to talk about to drive your gate.

Waterslide Resurfacing

Retrofitting doesn’t stop at painting the steel or integrating new interactive elements, but changing the color of your waterslide is another intriguing option for grabbing your guest’s attention. This can be done to waterslides on play structures or stand-alone waterslides needing a new identity!

Retrofitting isn’t the only thing you need to consider when thinking about your waterpark guests’ needs. Download your free Waterpark Maintenance Guide written by WhiteWater’s experts and start planning for the upcoming season!

Investing in your waterpark shows your guests that you care. Retrofitting is a cost-efficient method to refresh your play structure and attract guests back to explore a fresh waterpark experience without the massive capital investment of a new attraction.

To learn about all your options for retrofitting, talk to a #WhiteWaterExpert! Get in touch today!

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