Maintaining a waterpark is as critical as investing in one. While most of us are excited about investing in a great waterslide or play structure, very few understand the importance of maintaining it. From faded and rusted surfaces to cracks and leaky joints, day-to-day wear and tear not just makes your slides look outdated and unkempt, it makes them unsafe. That is why it is vital to protect your investment in your waterpark equipment with a dedicated maintenance and support service. The ongoing maintenance of a waterpark not just ensures the longevity of your slides and play structures, it enhances your waterpark’s visual appeal, and safeguards your products for years to come.

At WhiteWater, we understand and value the investment you have made in your water park. WhiteWater’s AfterSales and Service team is committed to helping you maximize the lifespan of your water parks and attractions. Whether it’s a refurbishing project, a waterslide inspection, a play structure rejuvenation, or an upgrade, we can help you address your needs with dedicated customer service and competitive pricing. We have developed a complete line of unique, custom-made water slide and water park maintenance products and services that can bring your water slides and play structures back to life and keep them running for years to come.

Why us

  • Our commitment to safety and quality not just makes us stand apart, it defines who we are.
  • As industry leaders, we have decades of combined experience as park operators, designers and suppliers.
  • We are there for you, always. We stand by our products and customers and help you achieve the maximum lifespan of your products for the best ROI.
  • Spread across four continents, we also have a uniquely local presence to address global clients’ needs, delivering service in your language and time zone.

We can provide you with:

  • Spare parts for waterslides, AquaPlay™, AquaSpray™, Prime Interactives products and Water Rides
  • Waterslide resurfacing
  • Waterslide refurbishing
  • AquaPlay™ revitalization
  • Retrofitting interactive elements or theming
  • General product repairs

How we can help you

  • Fiberglass Repair Services: We can help you restore damaged waterslide fiberglass by repairing it and preventing future wear and tear.
  • Resurfacing Services: We can help you resurface an old waterslide and get it’s shine back by supplying re-gel coat for slide surfaces.
  • Repair & Maintenance After Sales: We provide annual inspections for Slide and AquaPlay™ structures to examine for waterslide leaks, worn-out paint and gel coatings.
  • Dispatch Systems Services: We offer Dispatch Systems Services for new and existing waterslides. Besides this, we also provide regular and seasonal service and maintenance contracts.
  • Replacement Services: We supply parts and materials such as paint, gel coat and caulking that are needed for the maintenance of all waterslides and play structures.

Our team

The WhiteWater After Sales and Maintenance team is made up of 8 enthusiastic and creative team members who work in unison to deliver after sales and maintenance solutions of the highest quality. With the company head office being in Richmond, British Columbia, we have the four after sales specialists working here under the able guidance of Scott Heke, President, After Sales Division. Besides this, we have one resource each based in Florida, Dubai and Shanghai. We specialise in providing complete and customised maintenance and refurbishment solutions to water and theme parks across the world.

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