Q. Where can I buy gel coat and putty to repair small chips and cracks in the slides?

A. WhiteWater can supply clients with small quantities of gel coat and putty for waterpark repairs. Please visit the shop page section to read all about the various types gel coats that we offer.

Q. Where can I purchase paint for an AquaPlay™ structure?

A. WhiteWater stocks all AquaPlay™ structure paints in various colours. You can place your order in the shop page section. We can also provide information for local distributors, just in case you need it.

Q. What is the best way to maintain a sliding surface and prevent it from wear and tear?

A. Maintaining a sliding surface requires regular care and upkeep. A good way to do is by waxing before and after the season to lessen UV breakdown and to keep your waterslide’s riding path smooth and slick.

Besides this, it is important to clean and remove water deposit buildup to keep the riding surface smooth and comfortable for the riders. The sliding surface is also exposed to UV fade from direct sunlight and chemical oxidation from the pool water. The waterslide fiberglass can become discoloured and faded and unattractive to guests. The faded fiberglass can be brought back to life through a highly involved process of wet sanding, power buff polishing and gloss sealing.

Q. Is it necessary to conduct a daily inspection of your slides and park equipment?

A. Daily inspections involve quick checks and tests that ensure your waterpark guests have a safe and fun day at the waterpark. It reduces risk of accidents and potential liability. The daily inspections don’t take a long time each day but can save time and money in the long run. It can be useful to keep permanently bound log books to record all inspections, operational tests, water quality monitoring, accidents, complaints and unusual occurrences that may require more detailed inspection leading to repairs for risk mitigation.

Q. What aspects of a play structure equipment do we need to check in a daily inspection?

A. You can check for the following signs while conducting a daily inspection of your play structure equipment, report and repair them appropriately:

  • Obstructions in play area pathways
  • Cracks or chips in deck surfaces
  • Chipped or peeling paint
  • Properly secured and tied net lashings
  • Cuts, tears or damage to climbing nets, safety nets, and web crawl tunnels
  • General wear of climbing nets, safety nets, and web crawl tunnels
  • Excessively sagging climbing nets
  • Proper operating pressure and flow to all effects
  • GPM flow rates conform to design flow rates for each waterslide
  • Empty filter baskets of lint and debris

Q. What do I use to remove surface dirt like grease and sunscreen from the slides?

A. Use a soft-bristled brush with a mild detergent such as 3M™ Multi-Purpose Boat Soap. For hard water build up, use CLR® or other cleaners specific for this purpose. For difficult stains, use a cut polish or rubbing compound and finish wax or a combination product such as 3M™ Marine Fiberglass Restorer and Wax. The fiberglass finish should be waxed and buffed with a high-quality paste wax or polish containing ultraviolet screens.

Q. What material is used to seal the slide joints?

A. SikaFlex 1A is a polyurethane sealant that prevents the slide joints from leaking.

Q. How can I exchange a product that I am not satisfied with?

A. To exchange your order, email us at aftersales@whitewaterwest.com to request pick up of items to be returned. We accept returns for exchange or refund 7 calendar days after delivery of the product. We will offer an exchange or store credit at our sole discretion after 7 calendar days. Items that need to be exchanged must be in “new, unaltered and unused condition”. Definition of new, unaltered and unused condition is:

  • without showing signs of wear or damage in any way
  • within 7 calendar days of the delivery date (after 7 days no returns are allowed)
  • must not be a special order or a custom order
  • unless noted that it cannot be returned or has a different return policy time period other than that 7 days noted in that item’s particular item description.

Q. What do I need to do to get a quote to have my slides, towers, or aquatic features refurbished?

A. You can write to aftersales@whitewaterwest.com outlining the exact scope of your refurbishing requirements. We will look at your request and get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

Q. What are the risks of performing water slide maintenance in-house?

A. Waterpark equipment is expensive and technical. Relying on in-house maintenance might be easy to organise and cost-effective, but may be not be the best solution. Using untested and unproven repair methods, materials or products can reduce the service life of your equipment by allowing UV deterioration, pool chemical fade and deterioration, and possibly result in having to prematurely remove material or equipment due to product failure.

Q. I want to give a dragon theme to my water park. Who can I reach out to?

A. You can write to aftersales@whitewaterwest.com outlining the exact scope of your theming request. We will look at your request and get back to you as soon as possible.

Q. How can I reach out to your customer care assistant?

A. You can reach out to us at +1.604.273.1068 or alternatively, write to us at aftersales@whitewaterwest.com. We will ensure that we respond to you in time.