The Parachute Skimmer

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The Parachute Skimmer is a new and improved approach to the classic pool skimmer, cleaning the surface of any body of water in a fraction of the time.

The lazy river version of the Parachute Skimmer comes in 2 standard sizes:  10 feet wide and 12 feet wide.  Each skimmer is approximately 5 feet deep.

The water does the work for you!  Simply deploy the skimmers at night and remove them in the morning.  All floating debris is captured when the attraction is closed, remove the skimmers prior to opening and the river is ready for your guests.  As the skimmers are pulled from the water, the devices close and trap the debris for easy removal.  They save you thousands on maintenance labor!  Customers include most major waterpark and hotel resorts.

The Parachute Skimmer nets come in 2 sizes for the lazy river version.  10 and 12 feet wide.  Both are almost 6 feet deep.

They last 3 years and pay for themselves quickly.  You simply clip them in at night and and take them out in the morning.  Virtually no labor needed to keep your river clean.

The nets are sold in pairs of 2.  They are designed to be installed overlapped and staggered.  This allows the water a path as the nets fill with debris. Otherwise the pressure on the connection points can become too great, making them harder to remove for your team and causing excessive wear.  The overlap ensures complete coverage.


Installation: The Parachute Skimmer(s) will be positioned and fixed at two points per skimmer on each side of the water area. If multiple skimmers are used they will be positioned approximately four feet apart on opposite sides of the river area with a slight overlap in the middle. Dive weights (not included in the pricing) will supplement the weighted portion of the Parachute Skimmer to keep the bottom portion of the nets submerged at their maximum position while deployed and the water is flowing.

The design of the Parachute Skimmer is to bend slightly horizontally to better capture debris. The faster the current is moving and as the skimmer captures debris the greater the resistance and the more the skimmer will bend. The design of the custom Parachute Skimmer has an additional attachment point for the supplemental weight if needed.

Recommendation: If there is a large amount of water volume and a large amount of foliage in the area, it is recommended to position a minimum of two skimmers per attraction. This will help to disperse the collection of debris and avoid the potential blockage, of using only one skimmer to capture100% of the debris material.

** Skimmer pricing includes all hardware with the exception of hardware to be installed at location (eye bolts).
** 12′ Skimmer includes approximately 1 foot flap on each side

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 100 × 6 × 6 in


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